• This Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Could Be Yours.

    Get ready to dominate the track in a vehicle that's built for success.

    If you're searching for a vehicle that ticks all the boxes for racing enthusiasts; speed, dependability, and breathtaking design, your search ends here.  

    Introducing the Aston Martin Vantage GT4/GT8R, a race-ready, competitive car that has successfully campaigned on New Zealand tracks over the last few years.

    Read more here.

  • Help Make Dion’s Dream, A Reality

    Imagine having a dream that you have fought for your entire life.  

    Pouring your blood, sweat and tears into getting to a place where the door to that dream is finally within your arms reach, but the only threat that lays before you now, is the price tag on the key to unlocking it.

    Read more here. 

  • An Exhilarating Start to the Season for Race Lab

    Race Lab have been hard at work with an exhilarating start to the 22/23 season.  

    The team most recently attending what was Round 2 of the Golden Homes GT New Zealand Championship and Round 3 of the Toyota 86 Championship, held at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park earlier this month. 

    Read more about the action here.

  • Racewear Homologation Guide - FIA 8856-2000 & FIA 8856-2018

    2019 saw a new FIA homologation being introduced for all racewear, which includes overalls, underwear, boots, and gloves. This new standard - FIA 8...
  • Helmet Regulations and Homologation

      Firstly, the standard of approval on your helmet can be found inside the helmet, around the crown of the lining, often just tucked underneath the...
  • New North Island Endurance Series dates announced

    The COVID-19 impact on domestic motorsport continues with the North Island Endurance Racing Drivers Club having to change the dates of their ...
  • Formula 2 retires number 19 in memory of Hubert

    Hubert was killed at the age of 22 in a crash during the opening stages of last year’s F2 feature race at Spa. The 2018 GP3 Series champion was ...
  • Walero - Brand Story

    Sat in a Silverstone pit garage taking feedback from a British Touring Car driver and a British GT champion, from a drifter and a Dakar Rally drive...
  • How To Choose a Perfect Race Seat

    Choosing a new motorsport seat can seem overwhelming at first glance. There are so many different things to look for, from the size to the shape, t...
  • Niki Lauda - Tribute to the Legend

    He bought his way into Formula 1 racing and very nearly paid for it with his life. Given up for dead after an appalling accident he recovered by what the medical profession called sheer force of will. His astonishingly quick return to the cockpit was called the most courageous comeback in sporting history. After winning two championships he got bored and left the sport, only to return again and win another. During his remarkable career he was called both a hero and a villain. The battle-scarred champion who defied both the odds and convention remains a sporting legend.
  • Why our Walero products give you the edge over your competition

    Walero temperature regulating base layers are fully flame-retardant and have been scientifically developed to regulate your body’s temperature, ...
  • Battery Talk

      Types of battery and terminology  There are a large range of batteries available in many sizes, capacities, weights and types. The choice can b...
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