Sabelt X-PAD Race Seat specifically designed for tight cockpits
 Sabelt X Pad seat
Sabelt X pad sizing
Sabelt X Pad

Sabelt X-PAD Race Seat specifically designed for tight cockpits

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Small but Mighty! The Sabelt X-PAD is the new extreme for racing seats and is the answer to all of your small cockpit race car prayers. The X-PAD features super narrow head protection, Kinderpoint anti-slip fabric, air ducting system, high leg bolsters for ultimate stay-put security, individual shell contoured thigh cushions, dedicated antisubmarine, extra-large belt guards, and an ergonomically curved backplate.

The X-PAD Race Seat is one of the lightest and newest additions to the Sabelt competition racing seat family and is ready to impress with its mighty and compact design.
Sabelt X-PAD Race Seat Details:
  • Manufacturer: Sabelt
  • Manufacturer part number: RFSEXPAD
  • Rating: FIA 8855-1999
  • Seat color: Black
  • Seat cushion colors: Black
  • Weight: 19.3 lbs
  • Weight: 8.75 KG
  • Integrated ultra-narrow head protection system
  • Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 for improved driver’s safety
  • Rear structural reinforcement for no flex to reduce driver fatigue
  • Ergonomic foam sections studied with CAD simulations and tested by our professional drivers to improve driving comfort.
  • ADS-Air Ducting System: Separation of the pad system to improve air circulation by increasing the seat’s breathability and improving driving performance
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