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X Pad Waterproof Offroad Boat Seat
X Pad Waterproof Offroad Boat Seat
X Pad Waterproof Offroad Boat Seat
X Pad Waterproof Offroad Boat Seat
X Pad Waterproof Offroad Boat Seat

Sabelt X-Pad Off-Road Racing Seat (Waterproof)

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The Sabelt X-Pad is the perfect seat for those racing compact cars with limited interior space who still demand the safety of a full-containment seat.

 The X-Pad is Sabelt’s most compact seat yet, specifically designed to fit in smaller cockpits where drivers want the additional security of a full-containment / halo seat. Sabelt has managed to do this while keeping the interior seat dimensions able to fit most average racing drivers.

Sabelt has achieved the interior fit of the seat by replacing bulky seat padding with a significantly thinner, but still comfortable, foam padding. Exterior dimensions of the seat were reduced by changing key elements such as eliminating the "rolled" upper edges of the seat, which reduces the width significantly without narrowing the seat to the point where it would only fit small drivers.

The Sabelt X-Pad is a prime example of how game-changing innovation can be discovered in plain-sight; it doesn't always require a shake-up to standard conventions 

  • FIA8855-1999 Homologation 

  • Weight: 19.3 lbs (8.75 kg) 

  • Waterproof! Just hose it down to clean it. 

  • Standard side mounting 

  • Perfect full-containment seat for small cockpit cars (Miata, Corvette, etc.) 

  • Shoulders and hips designed for Regulation 8862 to improve driver safety

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