Sabelt - Steering Wheel SW-390 350mm

Sabelt - Steering Wheel SW-390/RFVO2005X

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The Sabelt SW-390 steering wheel, originally called the Akropolis, is a very traditional, deep-dish, three-spoke, race and rally steering wheel with a 350mm diameter. This wheel features stronger aluminum spokes than the competitors, a round handgrip section with a 30mm diameter, and a 90mm dish depth.

The Sabelt SW-390 steering wheel provides the following features:

• 350mm Diameter
• 90mm semi-dish depth
• 30mm diameter grip
• Finished in the finest Italian black suede leather
• Supplied with Sabelt horn push kit
• Heritage of Racing and Competition Motorsports
• Ultimate comfort, safety, and performance
• 100% Made in Italy with the best materials and craftsmanship