Sabelt - FIA8853-2016 Silver Saloon GT 2" Enduro camlock ANTISLIP Blue Black red
Sabelt - Race Harness Saloon GT 2" Enduro camlock ANTISLIP
Sabelt - Race Harness Saloon GT 2" Enduro camlock ANTISLIP

Sabelt - Race Harness Saloon GT 2" Enduro camlock ANTISLIP

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The Sabelt Enduro GT / Saloon 6 point harness has been developed to offer the easiest and fastest method of 'buckling up' and adjusting. This makes it perfect for endurance races where driver changes occur. 

  • FIA 8863-2016 approved. This is the most stringent safety test to date meaning you can be assured of the very best protection in a crash.
  • Specially designed buckle to allow for easier attachment of the belts
  • Ultra fast strap adjustment with easy grab pull loops
  • Ultra lightweight, an easy way to reduce the total vehicle weight

The Enduro GT / Saloon 6 point harness uses 2" wide webbing on all straps. This keeps the weight of the harness to a minimum but also allows the shoulder straps to fit better to an FHR / HANS device. Further to this, the shoulder straps feature an anti slip surface where it comes in contact with an FHR device, to provide a more positive location. Lightweight alloy quick adjuster feature on the shoulder and lap straps with yellow grab loops to make adjustments easy whilst wearing race gloves. The lap adjusters are attached to the buckle tang which keeps them in the drivers lap area for better comfort and provides fast pull down tightening.

FIA 8853-2016 approved for use with an FHR / HANS device.

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