Powervamp Clubsport PVRCS22 4amp or 10amp Charger

Powervamp Clubsport PVRCS22 4amp or 10amp Charger

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Since the successful Launch of the Clubsport PVRCS22 performance battery at the Classic car show in November 2013, Powervamp have been asked by many customers whether they can provide a charging solution using the same product and pricing ethos, I.E. a quality item that does the job, but at a price point that satisfies the club racer, track day enthusiast, kit car builder etc. who needs to look after the £’s as well as their car. 

Enter the PVRCS4 & PVRCS10 chargers ! ‘Intelligent’ chargers that offer the power and performance you associate with the Powervamp racing range, but at an unbeatable price. 

The two models, 4 Amp & 10 Amp use AHSMT (Advanced high frequency switching mode technology). They are single input units for 110 or 230 Volt supply, and automatically monitor charging from CC constant current, CV constant voltage, and floating modes. LED indicators signal the state of charge. 

Fan ventilation cuts in to cool the unit when needed. Each unit is also protected against, short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, and reverse polarity. The PVR Clubsport range: a simple solution for performance and value.

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