DTG Procomm 4 Full Face  Basic
DTG Procomm 4 Full Face  Basic
DTG Procomm 4 Full Face  Basic
DTG Procomm 4 Full Face  Basic
DTG Procomm 4 Full Face  Basic

DTG Procomm 4 Full Face Basic

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$669.95 excl. GST
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Full stocks coming early 2023, We have a couple of full face Helmets available to see and try in store. 

Pre order now avaliable

The DTG Procomm 4 Basic Full Face Rally Helmet is a conventional full face helmet in the same sleek design of the DTG Procomm 4 open face that provides the same performance without the helmet comms.

The sleek, modern lightweight design helps improve airflow into the helmet with the top exiting rear vents to keep you cool and comfortable.

Perfect for the teams on a budget that can upgrade/install comms at a later date!


  • Designed with a hand laminated Carbon/Composite/Glass light weight shell for maximum durability
  • Interchange visor colours
  • Add drink panel any time
  • Helmet comms can be installed at anytime
  • Stainless Steel hardware and a Kevlar chinstrap
  • New head liner design for added comfort and improved air flow
  • Removable headliner & cheek pads for cleaning or resizing
  • M6 Insert for FHR restraints
  • Sleek aerodynamics
  • Fire retardant interior
  • Snell SA 2020 certified
  • Colors: White
  • Sizes XS to XXL
  • Coms and blower bolt on option panels avaliable
  • Hans post purchased seperatly
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