Braid Winrace 4x4 8x18

Braid Winrace 4x4 8x18

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Braid Winrace T 4x4 wheels, 8 x 18".

The Winrace T 8 x 18” is meticulously designed and manufactured using high quality aluminium alloy to withstand the most demanding terrain environment. These are heat treated for maximum rigidity, it incorporates powerful features, such as reinforced inner and outer edges, super-reinforced inner rim, special "hump" and specific beat seat for specialised off-road tyres. These wheels are ideal for Bajas, Dakar and Cross Country.

Available in offsets of -5mm to +52mm, available in 4, 5 and 6 stud.

Please contact us with wheel specifications prior to order. These wheels come in white or anthracite as standard. Other colour options are available at an extra charge.

Contact us for price and availability

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