BMW E46 (inc. Compact) excludes xi BMW468M - Transmission Mount (6 speed M3 S54 only)

BMW E46 (inc. Compact) excludes xi BMW468M - Transmission Mount (6 speed M3 S54 only)

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The original BMW gearbox mounts allow significant movement and are not suitable for motorsport applications. Aftermarket mounts do not address the fundamental flaws in the design and can still fail leaving the gearbox to move unrestrained. This unique design is a complete crossmember that has high shear modulus insulator elements built in. It is completely failsafe and is a significant upgrade to the OEM design. It virtually eliminates unwanted movement that can affect gear selection and alignment of the driveshaft without compromising NVH performance.

Replaces gearbox support, BMW part number 22312229198 and its mountings.


This mount and cross member is designed to fit the M3 with the OEM exhaust and headers. Aftermarket systems with larger diameter pipes may give clearance issues.

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