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PIAA Hyper Arros LED H7 6000K (Twin)

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Enhance the lifespan and style of your card headlight bulbs PIAA’s state-of-the-art Hyper Arros LED range.

Why buy the PIAA Hyper Arros LED H7 (Twin)?

With the Hyper Arros LED range, highly-respected Japanese automotive company PIAA are offering a much-needed new type of LED headlight bulb. The Hyper Arros LED bulb range is designed with performance and substance in mind. Many LED bulbs offer a very high Kelvin light – characterised by a white-blue light appearance. Though this certainly makes vehicle’s stand out, the fact remains that headlight bulbs with lower Kelvin ratings perform better in adverse weather conditions.

By offering a light colour temperature of 6000K, the Hyper Arros LED ensures a light that cuts through even the harshest of environmental factors, such as rain, snow, fog or sand, enhancing your vision in even the worst road conditions. So you can drive more safely and comfortably, whatever the weather.

The Hyper Arros LED range also comes with the advantage of being professionally designed and manufactured by industry experts PIAA, using highly sophisticated and efficient LED technology. Incredibly, the LED technology of the bulb ensures a huge lifetime of up to 10 years. Not only that, but the robust but compact design of the Hyper Arros LED makes for a quick and easy fit, and durable performance thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE: These bulbs do not have ECE approval, and as such their usage is currently not approved for use on public roads: their usage is limited to ‘off-road’ applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 6000K colour temperature – warm white
  • LED technology with Luxeon Z ES chip
  • Long life – up to 10 years
  • Suits all weathers and terrains
  • Compact bulb design for easy fit
  • Japanese design
  • Three year PIAA warranty
  • Not road legal

About PIAA

Since being founded in 1963, the PIAA Corporation has committed itself to the development of technologically advanced, safer automotive lighting. PIAA’s world-class products, ranging from driving lights and fog lights to high output replacement bulbs, are the result of the company’s tireless, progressive engineering, and uncompromising work ethic. Their aim is simple: give the customer the best-quality product available.  




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